National Equity Fund


Successful development rests on true partnership. At National Equity Fund®, we understand what makes a project work. Over the last 35 years, we have built a $20.6 billion portfolio of high-quality, high-impact tax-credit investments that have fueled the construction and preservation of 215,500 affordable rental homes.


Those numbers are the direct result of a conscious decision we made back in 1987 to be different, to focus on the people and communities with the most severe need, to demonstrate to the private marketplace that LIHTC projects represent a great opportunity, both from a business and a community development perspective. More than three decades later, we remain as clearly focused on the needs of our customers and our communities as we were back then. We are just as concerned about projects in year-15 as we are on the day that we close. We continue to innovate, to challenge, to attack intractable problems. We believe strongly in the value of long-term, truly collaborative partnerships. That’s what it means to be different.

It also means giving back to the communities in which we work. Since 1987, NEF has returned more than $210 million in our fees to neighborhoods across the country through LISC and its local programs. That capital is redeployed through LISC’s many programs, going back to some of the very organizations and neighborhoods in which NEF does business. We really are helping neighbors build communities.

Peter Harrison
SVP Asset Management