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Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Apartments wins Second Place for Architectural Excellence in Community Design at CNDA

Emmett Street
June 29, 2023

The 2023 Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards (CNDA) was a night to cherish and remember! We offer our congratulations to Landon Bone Baker Architects Ltd. on winning second place in the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design for the Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Apartments in Logan Square!

Developed by Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation, the Lucy Gonzalez Parsons Apartments is an equitable transit-oriented development that has been eight years in the making. This is a story of endurance and the rebirth of a city parking lot that is now improving the lives of many residents in the community. The rapid growth and gentrification of the neighborhood meant displacing long-time residents, but the developer faced opposition and strong NIMBYism from groups of community members. 

Like the building's namesake, Lucy Gonzalez Parsons, who was one of the first Black Americans to play a leading role in the American labor movement, the development's supporters stood up against the adversity and refused to back down! Now, 100 subsidized units serve the community that fought long and hard for access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. 

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