National Equity Fund, Inc. National Equity Fund, Inc.

Extraordinary things happen when you have great partners
Since 1987, National Equity Fund® has invested more than $13 billion revitalizing neighborhoods,
fostering economic growth and creating affordable sustainable housing.

Investor Relations Our talented investor relations team is extraordinary at aligning the interests of affordable housing investors and developers. We continue to raise record capital as well as expand our diverse investment base.

High-Impact Investing

National Equity Fund® has a strong base of investors as well as a strong group of repeat developers. Our professionals are experts at balancing expectations of each party and creating the best deal for everyone. They’re dedicated to matching investors with product and doing it effectively even in rapidly changing market conditions. We have been successful at attracting both financial institutions as well as non-financial institutions and that variety gives us both strong multi-investor funds as well as single-investor funds and allows us to provide equity in developments throughout the country and not just in hot Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) markets.

Since our inception in 1987, we have directed more than $13.3 billion to 2,494 projects nationwide in both multi-investor funds as well as single-investor funds. Those investor dollars have helped build 158,907 units of rental housing. We have worked with more than 1,025 developers to make those deals happen. We invest in a range of developments that include affordable housing for families, homeless and in danger of becoming homeless veterans, the elderly and disabled among others. We currently have 159 funds under management.

Key Contacts

Investor Relations

Karen Przypyszny
SVP Proprietary Fund Markets
Mark Siranovic
SVP Multi-Investor Fund Markets