Extraordinary things happen when you have great partners

Extraordinary things happen when you have great partners. Throughout our history, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with the best in the industry to benefit lives across the nation.

Joy Horak-Brown

“New Hope Housing had the good fortune to connect with National Equity Fund® in 2008 when we embarked on our first LIHTC development. One factor that sets them apart is the staff. The people and their commitment to their partners exceeded any expectations I had. We’ve already completed four developments together with NEF and look forward to many more.”

Executive Director
New Hope Housing, Inc.

New Hope Housing, Inc. is a Houston-based non-profit that provides life-stabilizing affordable permanent housing with support services for people who live on very low incomes, many of whom have been homeless and are coping with physical or mental health disabilities.

There’s More to the Story is a special six-month multi-platform campaign in which a dozen New Hope Housing residents share their stories, in their own words, in videos, 140 characters at a time on Twitter (@theresmore) and also through Facebook and Instagram. Their stories chronicle abuse, abandonment, catastrophic illness, hard luck, homelessness and incarceration. But there’s more to the story.  These testaments to resilience, determination, faith and hope embody a commitment to improve their lives.

Witness their journey home.

Diana Yazzie Devine

“Native American Connections began partnering with National Equity Fund® in 2010 during a particularly challenging economic time. Arizona had one of the highest foreclosure rates and banks and investors were nervous about investing in Phoenix.

But NEF took the time to learn about NAC’s 40-year history of serving the community, our impact and our sustainability. Since then, we have formed a lasting relationship developing award-winning special needs projects that are on the leading edge of urban and sustainable development as well as creative public-private partnerships.

NEF supports NAC’s strategies of building along Phoenix’s new light rail system, selecting difficult urban infill sites that are challenging the city to increase its density, reduce unnecessary parking and build green in addition to embracing our mission of ensuring our residents have access to much-needed support systems.

Recently, NEF partnered with NAC to build Arizona’s initial Housing First apartment community serving our city’s chronically homeless and medically needy population, learning about all the challenges of serving our communities most vulnerable.”

Diana Yazzie Devine
President & CEO
Native American Connections

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