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Since 1987, National Equity Fund® has invested more than $13 billion revitalizing neighborhoods,
fostering economic growth and creating affordable sustainable housing.

our portfolio
National Equity Fund’s portfolio reflects the broad range of affordable housing concerns for local communities across the country. It includes vastly diverse populations as well as an expansive geographical area including 45 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

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Supportive Housing

Affordable housing that includes supportive services is the best way to provide the most vulnerable individuals and families the resources to live safe, healthy and more independent lives.

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Senior Housing

National Equity Fund® partners with for-profit and nonprofit sponsors who share the same vision of helping seniors live independently and with dignity.

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National Equity Fund's focus on preservation began in the late 1980s with our strong support for inner-city rehabilitation efforts that helped revitalize neighborhoods.

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Green Building

We have always been focused on sustainability so local communities can enjoy long-term growth and lasting opportunities.

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Family Housing

Safe, affordable housing has been linked with improving health, education and economic outcomes for families. National Equity Fund® is committed to increasing the supply of homes for our nation’s families.

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Veteran Housing

On any given night, approximately 40,000 homeless veterans sleep on America’s streets. We are working to end homelessness among our brave men and women and their families.

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