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Harmon Apartments Creates Housing for Adults with Disabilities

Harmon Apartments has been praised for providing high-tech accessible housing for adults with disabilities. Developed by NEF partner Harmon Apartments, LLC, the project was designed with providing the opportunity for independent living to people who would otherwise struggle in traditional abled designed housing.

Construction challenges, such as contaminated old pipes and a loss of heating, provided plenty of hurdles. However, the construction team was able to overcome them, resulting in a wonderful home for disabled residents.

Located in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood, Harmon Apartments has 36 units of mixed-income housing, which are located on the same property as the Boston Home, a 96 resident nursing home. The location of the home, which provides outpatient services adjacent to the apartments, is a crucial element in maintaining the Harmon Apartment resident’s ability to live independently.

The Harmon Apartments also have a suite of accessibility features for residents who use wheelchairs. This includes automatic doors, accessible stoves, shelves, showers and more. The apartments also have high-tech smart home implementation that makes tasks like handling lighting and air conditioning more accessible.

Finally, the apartments feature many onsite programs and services to support their residents, including connecting them to off-site community services that would otherwise be difficult to access.

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